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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  Photos from our "Brad Bloc" at the SOA Protest

Each year, as part of the massive peace rally at the gates of Fort Benning, protesters stage a funeral procession to honor the dead, the victims of violent repression in Central and South America.

With this year's event coming so soon after Brad Will's tragic death, I felt compelled to bring his memory with me to the doors of death.

These are some photos from our "Brad Bloc," including our special Circle-A Cross, a banner painted in the streets on Saturday and carried on Sunday, Jen Angel and David Solnit's Oaxaca/APPO puppet, Sunfrog reading "Brad Willing" from the mainstage on Sunday . . .
Sunday, November 12, 2006
  Brad willing

Brad willing

Nov 12, 2006 05:24PM EST

Brad willing
For Bradley Roland Will (1970-2006)

Brad willing, we’d stop talking about Brad and act more to support the struggle in the streets from New York to Mexico and beyond

Brad willing, we’d never stop talking about Brad because to talk about Brad is to breathe life into all that he embodied—joy and laughter and camaraderie and utopian beauty infused in all our struggles—and he’d never be one to buy the duality that separated our words and actions anyway

Brad willing, we won’t make him a martyr because he dreamed a world where we don’t need martyrs

Brad willing, he will always be remembered as an amazing anarchist martyr because if he doesn’t embody the definition of a martyr, a radical love warrior and witness who died in pursuit of a profound transformation ofthe pathetic status quo into a greater human integrity, then who does

Brad willing, we won’t think of his death as any different, no more or no less, than every death, every loss, every tragedy, every war-torn sorrow in a world that kills its lovers with the bullets of poverty and racism and greed while its murderers make money with impunity and shameless pride

Brad willing, we won’t ever deny that his spark sparked others, that his dedication and enthusiasm were unique and rare and inspirational, taking note and detail from the dramas of the world and inciting riots of music and lust and food and land and justice

Brad willing, we won’t endlessly debate the meaning of his death on blogs and bulletin boards because there’s much greater work to be done

Brad willing, we will debate as much as we need to, because the conversation and the process and the agreements and the disagreements and the messy consensus are the compost for the radical community that is our garden of the future

Brad willing, he’ll start a squat in heaven and demand that the leaders of the celestial bureaucracy come off their fluffy clouds and join the eternal struggle for heaven on earth, which of course will be a polyamorous pot haze of a permanent autonomous zone

Yeah, I dreamed I saw Brad Will last night alive as he could be
We know it takes more than bullets to kill our comrade
Especially one this free

Brad willing, we will never forget him
Brad willing, we will win

(he always knew me as) Sunfrog,
remembering Brad at the bolo bonobo of Pumpkin Hollow Community
12 November 2006

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